Guest Information


Our mission is to provide a valuable service to our friends, families, clients, and members of our group by providing quality referrals of people and businesses we know and trust. We best accomplish that goal by increasing our Golden Leads Group membership while learning about our individual members and their businesses, becoming aware of the services our members provide and the customers they seek, matching them to the needs of the people we know, remaining alert to opportunities to make referrals, and following up on the referrals we make. To that end, we restrict new member businesses to those that do not compete with existing member businesses.

Make The Most of The Meeting

  • Bring business cards with your name, business name, phone number and email address. If you don’t have a business card with all of this information, please get some.
  • Introduce yourself. Get to know our members and look for avenues to pass business back and forth.
  • Prepare a 30 - 60 second commercial that is about your business and what you do.
  • Arrive early to get to know people on a one to one setting.
  • Ask open ended questions.
Our guests are welcome to attend two Golden Leads meetings before a financial commitment is expected. Please take the time to meet with our Chairperson to answer any questions our our Golden Leads meeting.

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