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Upcoming Events

Wednesday Morning Breakfast Meeting 7:30am

  • Members and Visitors information
  • Weekly Presentation
  • Leads and testimonials

Located: Noto's Old World Italian Dining

6600 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

  • Meet our members, learn about what they do, and get their contact information.
  • Learn about the guidlines Golden Lead's has established to maximized your ROI of time and money.
  • Learn how Golden Leads can help you business grow and how to build a network of sales people.

Networking Group Overview

Meeting Location

Meetings are held at Noto's Old World Italian restaurant every Wednesday morning. Networking begins at 7:30 a.m.


Attendance at meetings is vital to the group’s success. Therefore, please make every effort to attend. Therefore, please make every effort to attend.

Quarterly Dues

Dues are $78, payable on the first meeting day of each quarter.


Guests are welcome and their first visit is complementary. They will meeting with our visitor coordinator to answer any questions they may have about the group.

60 Sec. Commercial

Each meeting will start with a 60 second commerical about their business. Share with the group the types of referrals you are looking for.


Each week one of our members will provide a 10-15 minute presentation about their business. The speaker rotation is determined alphabetically by last name.


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